Welcome to via.io

Via.io is a leading operator in the electronic communication industry. We thrive in creating disrupting services and platform to help entreprises streamline their process efficiency and cost optimization. We operate the following companies :
ViaDialog is Europe’s leading provider of hosted solutions for C.I.M. « Customer Interaction Management ». ViaDialog provides a one-stop-shop for companies to deploy on-demand multi-channels solutions to process customers dialogs and interactions including : voice, e-mail, live chat, SMS, video, self-service, … The company is headquartered in PARIS, France and as subsidiaries in Brazil, Canada and Israel.
Netmessage builts and operates a state of the art communication platform. It provides on-demand technology and services to broadcast marketing and transactional messages including : e-mail, SMS, vocal, fax to millions of people everyday.
Netvisio develops and operates on-demand collaboration platform for the enterprise. The company applications are built to help workers collaborate using conferencing tools including audio and video.
Effidata is a digital marketing agency specialized in lead generation. It aims to provide a full marketing service for managing online acquisition campaign through e-mail, mobile, display and social network.