manages participations and invests in growth companies, primarily in the electronic communications industry, in SAAS service providers, in connected devices, in mobile application publishers, and in foodtech.

Club Seror

Seror Winery is a boutique winemaker ideally located on Golan High in Israel. Seror produce both red wines and Olive Oil. The winery distribute its products exclusively via Club Seror, a membership only club.


Demooz community enables you to test an innovative and – more often than not tech- product with somebody who already owns it.


Feedly takes news aggregation and delivery to a new dimension. It makes you a smarter reader, learner and feeds up your curiosity.


fitfully is run by Batia Mach Shepherd, enables you to create a 3D foot model which compares to various shoe brands, just using your smartphone as a scanner. Founded in Israel in late 2012, fitfully improves customer experience while significantly reducing returns.


Homage, is a cutting-edge video creation platform startup that enables brand to increase mobile engagement, identify brand advocates and monetize content.


Immokip is the specialist in VAT refund and French leaseback accounting, enabling you to invest in complete serenity wherever you are in the world.

Julie Desk

I’m Julie, your AI-based personal assistant. Julie Desk is an AI-based virtual assistant that helps you save time and gain productivity by scheduling all your appointments via e-mail.


Kiwi Box is a powerful charging station that uses a single power cable to charge up to 6 phone or electronic devices at the same time.


Modti is a Hi-Tech pioneer in the Shape Programmable space that allows for any physical surface to have 3D forms rise from them.


A mobile virtual network operator, pure player in M2M connectivity, focused on managed connectivity services for the Internet of Things, with broad segment experience including the energy, transportation, security, retail, and healthcare markets.


Navdy head-up display (HUD), a compact, dash-mounted unit that features a high-quality projection display paired with voice and gesture control. The intuitive combination helps drivers stay focused on the road while still being able to utilize essential navigation and communication apps.


A software publisher dedicated to develop conversational technologies. Integrated in a SaaS application on the web, on smartphones or tablets, these technologies bring the ability to converse intelligently with users and thus out of a rigid man to machine interfaces.


Easy business banking. Qonto is operating under the payment services regulation, supervised by the Banque de France. Qonto is a current account with all classic operations (transfers, card payments, etc.) but, contrary to a traditional bank account, cannot be overdrawn.


Regaind is a service designed for amateur photographers that will sort, review, tag and rate personnal photos through sorting algorithms and professional photographers.


Revelator, founded by Bruno Guez, is a cloud-based platform that provides an end-to-end sales service for independent music businesses. Headquartered in Israel, Revelator leverages cloud and big data to bring affordable enterprise-level tools to distributors, labels, artists, and managers worldwide.


riminder reveals your candidates and employees full potential. Evaluate resumes quickly with exceptionally accurate Deep Learning. Riminder API allows HR Software companies to build AI-powered Talent Recognition Apps faster by bringing to them the power of our models. We made them easily accessible through a simple REST API. Now, everyone in the HR Industry can benefit from integrating Riminder.


ShowBox has created a unique video editing platform enabling anyone to create professional TV shows to be broadcasted on the internet.


SimpliField is a web and mobile solution that allows company’s ranging from the Fortune 500 to medium-sized businesses to collect real-time data in the field. Easily make faster smarter data-driven decisions.


Smokio is a French company that develops and sells connected electronic cigarettes and innovative apps. Smokio’s affordable and easy-to-use products help users track their consumption, follow their progress, monitor their health and check their financial savings.


Smore is a beginner level online promotion tool, for small businesses to promote themselves online. It’s based on marketing pages called “flyers” and emphasizes building a positive feedback loop and good marketing habits.


UVEye ‘s designs under-vehicle cameras which scan and detect any anomalies, modifications, or foreign objects in a vehicle’s undercarriage.


WeGlot is a translation API that integrates a language switcher button into your website and delivers it in any languages seamlessly


WeMoms,  founded in Paris by Antoine Cardoso, offers a mobile application that puts future and young mothers in touch so that they can freely exchange questions, tips and guidance. Founded in 2014, WeMoms has already helped thousands of young moms to share valuable advice.


Youshould helps you organize your dream party with its wide offer of bars that you can book and/or privatize.